[Webinar Recording] Revolutionizing Cataract Surgery with Cutting-Edge Indirect Ophthalmoscopy & Optical Biometry

Indirect ophthalmoscopy and optical biometry play an important role in modern cataract surgery. Watch this educational webinar where cataract surgeons/corneal specialists Dr. Jake McMillin and Dr. Steven Safran discuss the value of your technology throughout the diagnosis and pre-op exam.
Topcis Include:
  • Importance of indirect ophthalmoscopy in the pre-op exam of cataract patients
  • Ways to improve your view with indirect ophthalmoscopy for a comprehensive cataract exam
  • Using biometry to help evaluate and present complex cataract cases
  • How highly accurate laser optic measurements help with IOL prediction

View the full recording of the 1-hour webinar below:



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