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Complimentary Educational Opportunities

Webinars and CE Opportunities (coming soon) - Check back for more information!
  • Introducing OCT to Your Practice
  • OCT Billing and Coding – Generating Maximum ROI in Your Practice
  • Introducing i9.3.1 for Octopus perimeter
  • Interpreting your Octopus perimetry data
  • OPD – Wake Up With Wavefront – OD
  • OPD – Wake Up With Wavefront – MD
  • New IOL formulas in Eyesuite i9.3.1 (Lenstar)
  • Understanding your biometry data in Eyesuite (Lenstar)

Here Are Products You May Need Right Now

March Offers and Promotions

Instant Rebates, 0% Financing, Trade-In Offers and More!

Marco Instant Rebates!

Marco EZ-Tilt Chair and Deluxe2 Stand – SAVE $600

Marco B2 Slit Lamp – SAVE $400

Marco ION Imaging System – SAVE $1,000

Full B2 Lane with ION Imaging System – SAVE $2,000

Topcon Maestro2 OCT & True Color Fundus Camera

Instantaneous structural information with the click of a button.

Includes new Hood Report for glaucoma!

Certified Pre-Owned Offers

Pre-Owned Zeiss Cirrus 5000 OCT

Includes ONE-YEAR warranty covering parts, labor, and shipping! 

Pre-Owned Zeiss HFA 750i Perimeter

Add advanced technology without breaking your budget.

Lightmed SLT Deux Laser

SLT/YAG Combination Laser. Includes Superior Crystal-Q Switch Laser Cavity, Slit Lamp Integrated System, & Wide Field Optics.

Additional Lightmed lasers available at promotional rates!

Heine March Specials

Buy an OMEGA 500 – $200 Rebate

Buy 3 OMEGA 500s, Trade-in 3 units –  Get 1 Free OMEGA 500

Trade in 3 BIOs (any brand and model) – Get 1 Free HEINE OMEGA 500

Buy 1 OMEGA 500, Trade-in 1 unit – Rebate $$ (trade-in value to be provided. Contact us!)

Additional discounts on BETA Ophthalmoscopes and Retinoscopes

Purchase a BETA Ophthalmoscope AND Retinoscope WITH handles- Receive a Finoff and handle for FREE!

Lane Packages

Lane Package

Lane Package

Lane Package
Lombart Digital
Refraction Package

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View Our Comprehensive Collection of Equipment and Accessories

Umbrella Policy Coverage for Your Entire Practice.

Protect your pre-test room, exam lanes, and technology products under one policy with one phone number to call. 


Full Parts, Labor, and Shipping Coverage for Eligible Equipment

One (1) Lane Tune-Up Per Year Per Lane

Annual Capital Equipment Assessment

Looking for a particular product?

All promotions expire 3/31/2020

– $25,000 Trade-in Rebate

Maestro 2
– $10,000 Trade-in Rebate

Aladdin HW 3.0
– $5,000 Mail-in Rebate

CA-800 Topographer
– $1,000 Mail-in Rebate

CT-80 Tonometer
– $1,000 Mail-in Rebate

– $3,000 Trade-in Rebate

– FREE PC-50S with CV-5000S purchase
– Upgrade to VisiChart for $1,000
– FREE CL-300 with CV and KR purchase
– FREE Topcon CAS Training ($1,500 value)

Database Conversion
– FREE IMAGEnet 2000/IMAGEnet 5 to IMAGEnet 6 Data Conversion

– $600 Maestro DB Conversion

KR Auto Refractor Series
– $1,000 Trade-in Rebate (KR-800 Not Eligible)

– $7,500 Trade-in Rebate

TRC-50DX with IMAGEnet 6
– $10,000 Mail-in Rebate

All promotions expire 3/31/2020

– 3-3-1 Indirect Offer – Get a free Keeler indirect when you buy any 3 Keeler indirects and trade in any 3 Indirects (make or model); Lifetime warranty

Cryomatic II Trade-In
– Trade in any make or model cryo system and get 10% off

Slit Lamps
– 3-3-1 Slit Lamp Offer – The 3-3-1 Trade-in Program. Purchase any 3 Keeler Slit Lamps and trade in any 3 Slit Lamps (make or model) and receive a fourth Keeler Free
– Each KSL-H Slitlamp purchased ships a free KAT R type tonometer. Purchase three KSL-H slitlamps and also receive a Vantage Convertible PLUS BIO free

KSL-H5 Bundle
– $11,580 (Savings: $4,670)
– Includes: KSL-H5-DR, one Vantage Plus Slimline Wireless BIO, 1 KAT (R-Type) applanation tonometer

KSL-Z5 Bundle
– $8,912 (Savings: $3,476)
– Includes: KSL-Z5, one Vantage Plus Slimline Wireless BIO, and one D-KAT (Z-Type) applanation tonometer

Pulsair Desktop Tonometer
– $1,400 Instant Rebate

All promotions expire 06/30/2020 unless otherwise noted

Ocular Response Analyzer® G3
– SECO $1,000 Rebate
– Purchase in full, or make a deposit of $500 or more

– Full payment required within 30 days from end of event
– Expires 06/30/2020

Ocular Response Analyzer® G3
– Trade in ORA 1 or ORA 2 – $1,000 Rebate

Phoroptor® VRx
– SECO $500 Rebate
– Purchase in full, or make a deposit of $500 or more
– Full payment required within 30 days from end of event
– Expires 06/30/2020

Phoroptor® VRx
– Free ClearChart 4, ClearChart 4X for $500, ClearChart 4P for $1,000
– VRx + LensChek = $300 rebate, VRx + OptoChek = $400 rebate
– VRx + LensChek + OptoChek = $750 rebate
– Free installation & training from a Reichert Application Specialist – US only

ClearChart® 4
– Trade in ClearChart® 2 – $750 rebate

ClearChart® 4X, ClearChart® 4P
– Trade in ClearChart® 2 – $1,000 rebate
– Trade in any digital acuity system or projector – $500 rebate

Reichert® 7CR
– Trade in any NCT – $500 rebate

Tono-Pen AVIA®
– Trade in any handheld tonometer (excludes Shiotz) – $500 rebate

All promotions expire 3/31/2020

– No payments for 6 mo. through CFS

Xephilio OCT A-1
– No payments for 6 mo. through CFS

RK-F2 & TX-20
– No payments for 6 mo. through CFS

CR-2 AF & CR-2 Plus AF
– No payments for 6 mo. through CFS

– 0% financing for 24 mo. through CFS



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