USED Zeiss HFA 750i Visual Field Perimeter

Zeiss HFA 750i Visual Field Perimeter-USED/PRE-OWNED


Product may differ from image based on availability. Please contact us for details. All pre-owned and demo products are subject to availability.

  • Early glaucoma detection
  • Connectivity to office networks
  • Optical System: Stimulus Generation: Central, small diamond, large diamond, bottom LED
The Humphrey HFA II-i 750i Field Analyzer is an automated perimeter intended to identify visual field defects for the purposes of screening, monitoring and assisting in the diagnosis and management of ocular diseases such as glaucoma, and related neurological disorders. It is the ultimate for practice efficiency, advanced features and long-term value.

  • Gaze Tracking
  • Video Eye Monitor
  • Vertex Monitoring
  • Remote Video Eye Monitor Capability
  • Head Tracking
  • Fixation Control
  • Heijl/Krakau Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Table-Mounted Printer
  • 40 GB Hard Drive
  • Magneto-Optical Disk Drive
  • Goldmann Stimulus Sizes I-V
  • Pupil Measurement
  • Foveal Threshold Testing
  • Touch Screen CRT with Keyboard Stimulus
  • Glaucoma Hemifield Testing
  • STATPAC 2-Single Field Analysis
  • Glaucoma Progression Analysis