Topcon KR-8000PA Supra Auto Kerato-Refractometer

Topcon KR-8000PA Supra Auto Kerato-Refractometer - USED/PRE-OWNED


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The 3D auto-alignment system offers easy operation and speedy measurement in which a precise focus is automatically obtained without any skill. The innovative design of the Topcon KR 8000PA Supra enables accurate, reliable refraction and keratometric measurements within a pupil dilation as narrow as 2.0 mm. This means easier and more precise diagnostic results when dealing with glaucoma, asymmetric pupils or elderly patients. The Topcon KR 8000PA Supra offers Auto-start function. As soon as the instrument is properly aligned, this innovative function initiates the measurement process and completes three readings of each eye. When the readings are complete, a printout of measurements results is automatically generated.