Haag Streit CM 900 Camera Module

Haag Streit CM 900 Camera Module


The Intelligent Choice for Optimal Imaging

  • Easy Intuitive Imaging
  • Still Imaging and High Resolution Video
  • Freeze Technology – High Speed capture
    and Data Transfer
  • Wide Dynamic Range, High Sensitivity
  • History Trigger – Never Miss The Perfect Image
  • Compact

CM 900 Details

Video Capture is only available with EyeCap™ SL

Camera Module CM 900®, exceptional imaging solution for the BD 900®BP 900® slit lamp. Combination of the CM 900® with EyeCap™ or EyeSuite™ Imaging completes the perfect imaging system.

Precise "Freeze" Technology

Freeze technology: Captures at the precise moment you press the trigger.

Rewind Through Time

Rewind time and freeze the moment: The history trigger not only captures one image but records the last few seconds in real time and lets you return to select the optimum image.