Canon CX-1 Hybrid Digital Mydriatic/Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera

Canon CX-1 Hybrid Digital Mydriatic/Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera


The CX-1 Digital Retinal Camera offers digital mydriatic (Myd) and non-mydriatic (Non-Myd) imaging capabilities, functions, and
photography modes—including one-shot FAF photography—via dedicated, onboard SLR technology. And all this comes in one,
easy-to-use system.


Mydriatic/Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera with Pan/Tilt. 

The CX-1 Digital Retinal Camera is a fully digital, hybrid retinal
camera system with mydriatic and non-mydriatic modes. Highquality
diagnostic image capturing is easier and more efficient
than ever. With simple, push-button operation, you can change
modes and adjust functions to deliver comfortable procedures
to the patient for concurrent eye examinations. Also known as CX1 or CX-1, 
or cx-1


Mydriatic and Non-Mydriatic Hybrid Digital Retinal Camera
• Sleek and compact
• Simple to operate
• Five photography modes (Color, FA, Red-free, Cobalt, FAF)
• One-shot FAF for Mydriatic and Non-Mydriatic
• Advanced stereo guide photography system
• EOS camera technology for unsurpassed Canon imaging


Color, Red-free, Cobalt,
IVFA & FAF imaging
• Non-Mydriatic 45-degree
optical field
• Mydriatic 50-degree
optical field
• 2X Digital 30-degree
• Pan & Tilt camera
• 24 MP High Resolution
• Small Pupil mode switch
• Stereo imaging guide mode
• Anterior eye imaging
• Motorized Chin rest
• Compact & Ergonomic design
• Windows 7 & 10 compatible