S4Optik MW-50D Slit Lamp

Brand: S4Optik


The S4Optik MW-50D Slit Lamp features a natural color LED light source, wide magnification range, and background illumination.

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The S4Optik MW-50D slit lamp employs the optimum LED light source for slit lamps. Wide magnification range enables both wide angle view and detailed observation. All optics are multi-coated and provide 22% higher transmittance than existing models. There are no cables between the chin rest and the light tower, and the wire to the light tower is exposed for easier maintenance. Background illumination is provided in the arm unit of the microscope. In addition to adjusting the brightness, the conveniently positioned illumination knob can turn the illumination on and off quickly and easily. Detachable background illumination is available as an option.


  • True Color LED Illumination
  • 5 Magnification Steps from 5X to 50X
  • Coated Optics Provide Superior Light Transmission
  • The Widest Field of View (44.5°)
  • Built-in Barrier Filter for Fluorescein Observation
  • 30 Frames/Second Provide Smooth Movies
  • 5 Mega Pixel Wide Dynamic Range CMOS Camera
  • Built-in Background Illumination Included