Marco LM-7/7P Automated Lensmeter

Brand: Marco


The Marco LM-7/ 7P automatic lensmeter offers fast, easy measurements and lasting durability.

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The LM-7/7P series has established a new standard in automatic lensmeter equipment by Marco. Both the lensmeters design and user interface have been improved for simplified operation to expand the utility of the instrument while maintaining the auto lens measurement principles, functionality, and quality. Experience the digital lensmeter that combines aesthetic beauty and rugged dependability for your facility.


Auto Lens Type Detection: Placing the lens on the nosepiece activates the auto lens type detection to automatically determine the lens type – not only for single focal lenses but also for multifocal lenses – switching its measuring mode accordingly for a single focal lens, bifocal or progressive lens.

Scale Mode Function: Both monocular and binocular pupillary distance (PD), can be measured easily by aligning the marked glasses to the scale displayed on the screen. Screen color can be changed to black or white depending on marking color for greater visibility.

UV Transmittance Measurement: UV transmittance is presented as an intuitive display from 0 to 100% of central wavelength 365 nm (UV-A) in 1 or 5% increments. Comparison of two lenses can be easily displayed.

Hartmann/Shack Sensor: An advanced measurement principle, that incorporates simultaneous measurement of 108 data points within the nosepiece, provides greater accuracy and reliability with easier and faster measurements.

5.7″ Vertical Touchscreen: A 5.7-inch 640 x 480 dots touch screen achieves ideal layout display, superior in operation and visibility. Unique vertical design gives a sophisticated impression and greater function. Moreover, you can choose a favorite background color from many choices.

Data Management: The LM-7 series has one RS-232C port and two USB ports as standard. Optional LAN / WLAN connections are also available, which greatly expand data communication capability.

High-Speed Line Printer: The LM-7P features a high-speed printer with easy to read printouts. Measurement data is simply and logically presented for easy explanation.


Sphere (Spectacle Lenses) -25.00 to +25.00 D
Sphere (Contact Lenses) -25.00 to +25.00 D (BC=6.0 to 9.0) (0.01 / 0.06 / 0.12 / 0.25 D increments)
Cylinder 0.00 to ±10.00 D (-, MIX, +) (0.01 / 0.06 / 0.12 / 0.25 D increments)
Axis 0 to 180º (1º increments)
ADD 0.00 to +10.00 D (first add, second add) (0.01 / 0.06 / 0.12 / 0.25 D increments)
Prism 0.00 to 20.00Δ (0.01 / 0.06 / 0.12 / 0.25Δ increments)
Prism Mode Δ, Base In / Out, Base Up / Down
PD measurement (Scale Mode Function) 15 to 42.5 mm (monocular), Single vision PD, Progressive lens far vision PD
UV Transmittance 0 to 100% (1 or 5% increments) with central wavelength 365 nm (UV-A)
Measuring time 0.1 second ±10% (minimum)
Measurable Lens Diameter (Spectacles) ø20 to 120 mm
Measurable Lens Diameter (Contact Lenses) Larger than the inner diameter of the nosepiece (ø5 mm)
Measurable Transmittance 10% and over (20% and over for ±15.00 to ±25.00 D)
Compensation function for high index lenses The Abbe number is changeable in the range of 20 to 60.
Marking System Ink cartridge type, Ink pad type (optional)
Wavelength / Measuring Point 538 nm (green) / 108 within nosepiece