Marco HandyRef-K Portable ARK

Brand: Marco

SKU: HandyRef-K

The Marco HandyRef-K handheld autorefractor/keratometer offers precise measurements with a compact body that allows one-handed operation.

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The Marco HandyRef-K is a portable solution for accurate refraction and keratometry measurements anytime and anywhere. The HandyRef-K handheld autorefractor/keratometer is lightweight and has excellent weight distribution. Its compact design makes it easy to hold, balance, and use. The intelligently designed button layout is also useful in one-handed operation. For inexperienced patients like children, the newly added melody function can ease patient’s anxiety and draw attention. Data can be transferred quickly and easily to PC.


  • SynchroScan Technology: The HandyRef-K uses “SynchroScan Technology”: Measurements start when alignment is achieved, and data is captured when alignment becomes optimal. This provides a more stable, effective, and efficient measurement.
  • Lightweight Design: The HandyRef-K is lightweight with excellent weight distribution. Its compact design makes it easy to hold, balance, and use with either hand.
  • Supine Position Mode: When tilting the instrument 60º or more downward, the supine position mode automatically starts. When measuring from the patient’s side, the cylinder axis is compensated by 90º, and is displayed.
  • 3.5″ Color Screen: New full graphic 3.5-inch color LCD is 40% larger than the previous model. Clear screen design and intuitive icons are user-friendly.
  • Pupil Imaging Method: The HandyRef-K analyzes a wide area (Max. 4 mm diameter) pupil zone, giving measurement data representing the refractive error of the patient’s system. Small pupils (Min. 2 mm diameter) can also be measured.


Auto refractometer Measurement Range Sphere -20.00 to +20.00 D (VD = 12mm) (0.12 / 0.25 D increments) Cylinder 0 to 12.00 D (0.12 / 0.25 D increments) Axis 0 to 180° (1° / 5° increments)
Minimum measurable pupil diameter ø2 mm
Auto keratometer Measurement Range Curvature Radius 5.00 to 13.00 mm (0.01 mm increments)
Refractive Power 25.96 to 67.50 D (0.12 / 0.25 D increments)
Cylindrical Power 0 to 12.00 D (0.12 / 0.25 D increments)
Axis 0 to 180º (1° / 5° increments)
Sagittal Measurement 25º each from the center (superior side, inferior side, temporal side, nasal side)
Pupil Size Measurement Range 1.0 to 10.0 mm (0.1 mm increments)
Fixation Target Scenery
Display 3.5-inch color LCD
Interface USB: 1 port Wireless LAN (WLAN): 1ch (Wireless LAN (WLAN)-equipped model only)
Power Specification Battery Pack Lithium-ion battery (7.2 V 1800 mAh)
Station Feed DC 9 V 2 A (maximum)
Dimensions/Mass 206 (W) × 181 (D) × 224 (H) mm (including occluders) / 998 g (including battery pack) 8.1 (W) x 7.1 (D) x 8.8 (H)” (including occluders) / 2.2 lbs. (including battery pack)
Printer Thermal line printer with easy loading and auto cutter (printer-equipped model only)
Interface USB: 1 port, LAN: 1 port, RS-232C: 1 port (printer-equipped model only)
Battery Charging Battery Pack Lithium-ion battery (7.2 V 1800 mAh)
Charging When inserted in the main body: Approx. 180 min. (when the main body is placed on the station) When inserted in the battery slot: Approx. 140 min.
Power Supply AC 100 to 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Power Consumption 60 VA
Dimensions/Mass 224 (W) x 283 (D) x 147 (H) mm / 2.7 kg (printer-equipped model), 2.5 kg (model without printer) 8.8 (W) x 11.1 (D) x 5.8 (H)” / 5.9 lbs. (printer-equipped model), 5.5 lbs. (model without printer)
Standard Accessories Occluder (2 units), Neck strap, Printer paper (3 rolls / printer-equipped model only), Power cord, Connection cable, Battery pack, Dust cover, Spherical model eye, Contact lens holder
Optional Accessories Carrying case, Carrying case with portable stand, Barcode scanner, Magnetic card reader, EyeCa-RW2, Eye Care card, Communication cable, Battery pack, USB flash drive