Haag-Streit Lenstar Myopia

Brand: Haag-Streit


Then Haag-Streit Lenstar Myopia expands your myopia management capabilities and provides precise measurements for early detection of myopia onset.

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The Lenstar Myopia from Haag-Streit allows you to accurately measure axial length and track the progression of myopia in young patients based on growth curves provided by myopia experts. The work you do now can have a big impact later.

Your companion for myopia management, Lenstar Myopia consists of the Lenstar 900 optical biometer and the corresponding EyeSuite™ software, EyeSuite Myopia. The software also creates extraordinary graphics that can help you educate parents on their child’s condition. It’s a remarkable tool.

The Lenstar Myopia comes with specialized diagnostic software, Age-Matched Myopia Control (AMMC®). Developed in conjunction with Prof. Dr. Hakan Kaymak, the module sets new standards in myopia management diagnostics. This innovative feature enables the visualization of axial length growth and facilitates a comparison of myopia patients with emmetropic individuals of the same age and gender. By providing this valuable data, the AMMC® framework supports treatment decisions for patients. Furthermore, the axial length growth chart is included in the Myopia Parental Report, further enhancing patient and parental education. EyeSuite i9.13 and AMMC® comes standard with all new Lenstar Myopia devices ordered.


  • Comprehensive myopia management
  • Tried and tested refraction
  • Axial length measurements
  • Balance environmental factors
  • Graphical visualisations
  • Powerful reports
  • Network connectivity


Axial length

  • Measurement range 14 – 32 mm
  • Display resolution 0.01 mm

Vitreous chamber depth

  • Measurement range 1 – 30 mm
  • Display resolution 0.01 mm


  • Measurement range for radius 5 – 10.5 mm
  • Display resolution 0.01 mm
  • Measurement range 0 – 180° for axis angle
  • Display resolution 1°

Laser safety

  • Class 1 laser product
  • Electronic medical record system interfaces
  • EyeSuite Script Language
  • GDT
  • EyeSuite command line interface

The measurement ranges above are based on the device’s standard settings for automatic measurement and analysis.