Keeler Promotions

Slit Lamps 3-3-1

Exp. 12/31/19

3-3-1 Slit Lamp Offer Purchased any 3 Keeler Slit Lamps and trade in any 3 Slit Lamps (make or model) and receive a fourth Keeler free! Each 40 H Slit Lamp purchased includes a free KAT R type tonometer...purchase three 40H slit lamps and also receive a Vantage Plus Slimline Wireless indirect free. Buy 3 H-Style slit lamps and get a free Vantage BIO.

BIOs 3-3-1

Exp. 12/31/19

3-3-1 Indirect Offer- Get a free Keeler indirect when you buy any 3 Keeler indirects and trade in any 3 Indirects (make or model). All BIOs come with a lifetime warranty.

KSL-H5 Slit Lamp Bundle

Exp. 12/31/19

$11,580 (Savings: $4,760) Includes: KSL-H5-DR, one Vantage Plus Slimline Wireless BIO, 1 KAT (R-Type) Tonometer

KSL-Z5 Slit Lamp Bundle

Exp. 12/31/19

$8,912 (Savings: $3,476) Includes: KSL-Z5, one Vantage Plus Slimeline Wireless BIO, and one D-KAT (Z-Type) Tonometer

H-Style Slit Lamps

Exp. 12/31/19

Purchase an H-style slit lamp, receive a free KAT R Type tonometer! Buy 3, and get a free Vantage BIO!

Pulsair Desktop Tonometer

Exp. 9/30/19

$1,400 Instant Rebate

Cryomatic II

Exp. 12/31/19

Trade in any make or model cryo system and get 10% off



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