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Reichert 11170 Visual Acuity Slide

Reichert 11170 Visual Acuity Slide

Price: $120.00
Reichert LensCheck Pro Lensmeter with PD + UV

The all-new LensChek™ Pro Digital Lensometer® with PD + UV, part of the VisionChek™ Digital Exam Suite, combines technology with simplicity at the core of your exam. The new, compact, modern design and intuitive user interface of the LensChek Pro Digital Lensometer offers the easiest lensmeter user experience available. For example, when the target is aligned with the correct optical center, readings can be automatically “locked-in” ensuring fast, repeatable, and reliable lens measurement. LensChek Pro additionally features UV transmittance and PD measurement.

Price: $3595.00
Reichert CT-210 Applanation Tonometer

The CT210 mounts on a compact-style slit lamp
and swings down into position when required. In its
parked position, the CT210 does not interfere with
the normal diagnostic use of the slit lamp.
• Mounts easily on slit lamp microscope
• Unique swing-down positioning
• Calibration verification rod included
• Measurement range: 0 - 80 mmHG
• Measurment accuracy: ± 0.5 mmHg
• Compact
• Made in the USA
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Reichert Dual-Dial Paraboline Slide

Reichert Dual-Dial Paraboline Slide

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Reichert Nylon Face Shields without Lenses, 3 pair

Reichert Nylon Face Shields without Lenses, 3 pair

Price: $35.00

Reichert is proud to introduce the all-new
ClearChart 2, the next generation in Digital Acuity. Building on the success of the immensely popular ClearChart, the ClearChart 2 is a comprehensive solution for all your acuity chart needs. The simple to use, all-in-one design is not only sleek and attractive, but eliminates the need for a PC or additional components.
Featuring a 19-inch, high-resolution LCD flat panel display, and weighing only 11.25 pounds, the ClearChart 2 is easily mounted to any wall. The custom designed LINUX system is free of fans and hard disk drives, allowing for silent, dependable operation in the exam room. ClearChart 2’s convenient, infrared remote control enables effortless access of all tests from virtually anywhere in the room.

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Reichert AP-250 Halogen Bulb

Reichert AP-250 Halogen Bulb (four units s/n 10897-02 and higher)

Price: $45.00
Reichert Custom/CAPOC/UPOC/11800/05/20/25/12060/65 Lamp

Reichert Custom/CAPOC/UPOC/11800/05/20/25/12060/65 Lamp

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Reichert Longlife Bulb

Reichert Longlife Bulb , 6v 20w

Price: $19.00
Reichert XCEL 255

The XCEL 255's wide-field optics provide excellent clarity and detail. The compact design, combined with conveniently placed controls, make this slit lamp a pleasure to operate.

The outstanding optical performance, features, and quality, combined with an affordable price, make the XCEL 255 slit lamp a compelling value

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Reichert XCEL 400

The XCEL 400's superior optics provide exceptional clarity and detail. The traditional design, combined with feather-touch XYZ joystick an convenient controls, make this slit lamp a pleasure to operate.

With outstanding optical performance, features, and quality, the Reichert XCEL Slit lamps are comparable to the world's elite. In addition, the affordable price of the XCEL slit lamps make them a compelling value.

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Reichert XCEL 700

The XCEL 700 combines traditional design with superior optics to exceed your expectations. With up to 40X magnification, the XCEL 700 provides exceptional detail and clarity. When you demand the best, the XCEL 700 is the slit lamp of choice.

With outstanding optical performance, features, and quality, the Reichert XCEL 700 is comparable to the world's elite slit lamps.

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Reichert Portable Slit Lamp

The Reichert PSL Portable Slit Lamp utilizes a high luminance white LED (Light Emitting Diode) light source, coupled with a lightweight, compact design, to give you the freedom of using a slit lamp in the palm of your hand.
Small and Lightweight
The PSL Slit Lamp weighs only about 1.5 lbs. (0.68 kg) with its battery and fits easily and comfortably in your hand. Its ergonomic, portable design and convenient carrying case make it an ideal instrument for non-ambulatory patients, nursing home visits, and veterinary work.

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